PinkMeth removal policy

I have no relation to them, but I posted it as a record for the public view, in case the change it in any way, if this is a violation of copyright or anything like that, please let me know so I can remove this (Irony) WordPress automatically makes http:// urls clickable, I don’t know how to undo it.

Removal Policy

All Pink Meth entries are submitted anonymously by guests. Pursuant to Pink Meth’s legal and privacy policies, we will only review and process entry removal requests in limited circumstances, and only if removal requests are accompanied by valid supporting documentation, including a sworn statement from the subject of the profile.

Pink Meth offers two options for requesting removal of an entry:
Law-and-Order Style

If an entry violates any state or federal law, please submit the following supporting documentation along with your request for removal: if the subject of an Pink Meth entry is under the age of 18, a copy of a driver’s license, or valid photo identification along with a copy of a birth certificate; if the images are copyright protected, a Certificate of Registration or a notarized affidavit from the copyright owner AND the subject in the images; and if the images were stolen, a legal cease & desist letter, a police report describing the theft and personal property stolen, along with a statement describing why the entry or its contents are illegal. Entry removal requests that are submitted without the appropriate documentation, or requesting the removal of entries not in violation of any state or federal law will NOT be reviewed or removed.

In order to request entry removal properly, please follow these steps:
1) Go to

2) Select “Theft of Private Property” or “Underage” in the category drop-down list.

3) Upload required documents/images to a file hosting site such as

4) You may also add any additional information in the message field.

Word-to-the-Wise Style (AKA teach other tricks how to lock down their dirty flicks)

Click the link below to submit a story containing 500-2000 words explaining how your personal information and images got leaked, and teach a hooch to cover her cooch so she doesn’t have to explain to her co-workers or sorority sisters why her “intimate moment with the love of her life” (or drunken one-night-stand) is now making strangers around the world reach for the lotion and kleenex. Pink Meth loves slutty smart chicks, so share your story, along with a few solid tips on how you can let your freak flag fly while keeping your naughty side on the sly, and your profile will be removed (plus, you get that warm, fuzzy feeling that only comes from schooling bitches or a great orgasm).

5 thoughts on “PinkMeth removal policy

  1. I’m one of the people on your website and did NOT give permission for my images to be on here. When trying to submit my request it takes me to a dead page. Please tell me what I need to do to get me off here as quickly as possible.

    • this is not pinkmeth, I don’t think you have any images on this site, do you? if so, you can type the posts here. We do not have anything to do with pinkmeth, you’ll have to contact them yourself if you want to remove anything from their site.

  2. So I was trying to get my photos removed…I was going to do the word to the wise…but it says to write your story and put a link from the photo they force you to take holding a pink meth sign and upload to the social site they chose…it says to put the link in the submit section…there isnt a submit section but there is a verification section that I don’t know what they want in that box. Any help? My private password protected photobucket was hacked..this is bullshit. Please help

    • Sorry, see above, this blog is NOT PINKMETH, we do not have any of your information or know how to remove it. We only reposted their removal policy for people to see.

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