donkey purple hat joke, anybody got it?

Not too important, but good to know, did Seth invent that out of his ass? Or his purple hat?

Update March 2014
Almost 3 years have gone by, still no good answer. Every time the American Dad episode is aired, my blog gets a boost in traffic, and it’s always for that reason too. Nobody else reads my blog on any other day.

10 thoughts on “donkey purple hat joke, anybody got it?

  1. The joke is an absurdity mean’t to misdirect the audience. But it ultimately narrows down to referencing a donkey’s penis.

  2. This man walks into a bar and sees a donkey. He askes the bartender why is there a donkey in here the bartender says if you can make this donkey laugh I will give you ten thousand dollars. So the man whispers in the donkey’s ear and the donkey started laughing. Then the bartender said if you can make the donkey cry I will give you ten thousand more dollars. So the man turns to an angle where only the donkey can see and the donkey started crying. The bartender couldn’t believe it so he asked the man how did you make the donkey laugh then make the donkey cry? He said first I told the donkey my dick was bigger than his, than I showed him.

    “Purple hat” is the tip of a penis

  3. it’s a dick joke. I just looked it up and it was referring to the tip of a man’s penis. A bartender bets a guy $10,000 to make the donkey laugh and he does it. Then the bartender bets another $10,000 to make the donkey cry and he does it. The bartender asked how he did it and the man said he whispered to the donkey ” my dick is bigger than yours” & he showed it to the donkey.

  4. There is no joke with “purple hat” as the punchline. It is purposefully not told in its entirety because there is no joke. It is not a complete joke and is not intended to be. It is not a dick joke, or at least not one that makes any sense as most of the joke is missing.

  5. A man who woke up with a tickle in his throat complained about his irritated throat. His donkey roommate mocked him and said
    ” you probably had a dick in your mouth”. Irritated the man, knowing a donkies dick is refered to as a purple hat, told the donkey that for being a dick he must reply to anything said to him for the rest of the day with “purple hat” or he was gonna get kicked out. The donkey was uncomfortable with this because he had a long day ahead of him and didn’t want to risk the embarrassment. But the man insisted or he’d kick the donkey out, so the donkey finally agreed. Later that night when the man asked about the donkeys day the donkey complained about how miserable it was. How everyone would laugh at him every time he said purple hat. The man just laughed at all of the donkeys embarrassment. Then the donkey said “but the weirdest of all thing didn’t happen to me today tho, it happens last night.” The man replied “oh, what happened?”
    “Well”, replied the donkey “I think I slept walk somewhere. But it was weird because it felt so real and it felt so good.”
    “What felt good?” Asked the man.
    And without skipping a beat the donkey replied “purple hat”.

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