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Letter From The Founder
What does it mean to be a “PROVIDER?”
If you are on this page, it is no accident. This link was only given to men who have shown outstanding character and an ability to provide in business, with family, or with women.

The reason I created this mastermind group is simple: there is a movement right now. A movement of men unafraid to step into their masculine to get the results in life that they want. And this movement is not just empowering men. Women who have such a man in their lives are empowered to fully blossom and radiate as lovers and as businesswomen.

However, until now this movement has been fragmented.

Men, embracing their masculine in business who have never felt the deep, abiding love of being a father.

Men who are fathers, but have never known the ecstasy of taking their woman in a soul-melding marathon of conscious sex.

Men who are incredible providers for their families but haven’t found a way to bring meaning to their careers.

We live in a society of men who have forgotten how to be men. Our masculine power has been self-suppressed in an egalitarian crusade for women. A feminism that, it turns out, is ill-equipped to continue serving our women.

It is our responsibility and our birthright to provide for our women, for our children, and for our communities. Real men understand that provision goes beyond money. And there was a time when men knew this. When they provided not just money, but security, direction, and strength for those in their life they were called to serve.

Truly, during the patriarchal days of old, men didn’t know how to reserve their strength, how to control their emotions, and how to let go when life’s circumstances turned sour. In this darkness many children and women were hurt by the men in their lives.

However, the tide has turned. Women have stepped into their masculine, forged careers, and given men a fierce competition – demanding that we do more, become more, and be our best in order to deserve their best. A best they may not even know lies within them.

Considering who you are, you’re probably with an incredible woman. As incredible as she is, know that it is only when you step fully into your role as provider, in all of its forms, that you are able to create for her the space to fully blossom. And when that flower is in full bloom, it will fan the flame of desire within you for her and for your legacy, creating results far beyond what you may think is possible.

A man who fully steps into his role as a provider becomes a better lover, a better father, and a better leader.

A man who has mastered the art of being a PROVIDER is a force to be reckoned with.

If you are such a man. If you are on the path of the Provider. I invite you to apply for membership in the PROVIDER MASTERMIND.

in creation,

Trey Stinnett

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Men who are leaders
Men who are committed to themselves
Men who are committed to their women
Men who are committed to their children
Men who play the game of life at the highest levels
Men who have/want a business that makes an impact
Men who see the value in like-minded high performers
Men who like to have fun
Men who are afraid to be real
Men who play by the rules
Men who are satisfied with fading intimacy
Men who don’t want to be closer to their children
Men who are satisifed with a “normal” career
Men who think there is no more room to grow
Men who just want to network (this may happen)
Women (sorry ladies, this is a boy’s club)