California will have water waste patrols, I’m so glad I don’t live there. More reason global warming is a good thing

It’s not happening, and it’s a good thing, but none of that changes the fact that California is going through a record breaking drought, well, actually it does, the media made it all up. I’m a drought denier, I’m going in before it’s cool, so people can’t say I followed some other guy. Droughts are way worse than floods, the worst that can happen in a flood is your house gets mold and you change your carpet, or you get electrocuted. But when there’s a drought, you have to drink your own sweat or even urine to save water. I’d much rather replace my floor and die or electrocution, how about you? When push comes to shove, something tells me pets will not be the first to lose on ration, and nobody will blame illegal immigrants, because California always needs them. Maybe finally, Charity Water will move their base back to the US.