Virtual reality, augmented reality and oculus reality, why OR rift goggles are retarded, Google glass will die and Lyft needs to faceUber.

If you can’t handle my puns, stop reading already, I don’t need people who can’t comprehend my sonnets. My favorite existentialist movie of all time is Galaxy Quest, because it makes Matrix, Space Balls, and eXistenz all laughable, it’s what paved the way for What the Bleep to fail and fall, but only if you were lucky enough to have seen it.

Truman Show and Shutter Island don’t mean shit when you know Stay and Jacob’s Ladder are available.

I said faceuber, because facelyft sounds gay. tranCendenZ is a fun game though, if you’re rich enough to play it on my 50 foot screen. The reason I don’t like goggles is because they hurt my eyes and yes, they make my mouth drool like a dog. I don’t mind being a dog, I just don’t like being seen as such.

Finally, it’s BITCOIN NOT bitchin’

Grounded Vindaloop episode on South Park, empirical evidence that brain in a vat solipsism is false, existentialism revisited like Inception and Matrix, AR VR OR Oculus rift sucks on graphics

Not the first time South Park characters were played by white kids in live action, but I prefer this one since it doesn’t have herpes.

The Matrix within a matrix is the crap spewed by Christopher Nolan movie Inception, when you can deny reality, anything goes. Forgot where you came from today? Too bad, guess, yours is as bad as mine.

Are techno hoodies, hooded zipping sweaters with built in earbuds headphones hoodiebuddie hb3technology patented, licensed, still in style? or dead?

What is this thing?

Using patented HB3Technology™, the HoodieBuddie contains a standard headphone jack in the front pocket that plugs into any headphone-compatible device, like an mp3 player, iPod or iPhone, or other mobile device.

Once plugged into the device of your choice, the audio travels through embedded cables within the HoodieBuddie to the headphones, which are built in to the ends of the drawstrings.

Best of all, the entire Hoodie is machine washable (even the headphones).

Plug in to your HoodieBuddie wherever you go—at the gym, on your way to work or on the plane. Your headphones are always ready to rock and tangle-free because they’re built in.