Los Angeles amongst top 5 worst employment cities


Las Vegas, Riverside, Los Angeles, Miami, Detroit.

I can tell you from my knowledge, Las Vegas, Los Angeles were artificially propped up in the first place with bank loans, that means financial industries, housing investments, and bubble businesses.

Riverside was also almost entirely propped up by a housing bubble.

Detroit as many of you know, has just been in steady decline since the 80s.

I know nothing about Miami, but I can bet you Detroit still has houses cheaper than the wood they’re made of, and cheaper than car.

What never made sense to me

Why do Americans seem to defer both paying and getting paid?

Are the people who take out student loans, home loans, car loans, the same people who ‘save for retirement’ by putting away a stash of money in the hands of others?

If you’re so good at deferring pleasure, how about deferring the pleasure of buying a new house, going to school and buying a new car?