Neocons don’t want you to know, Ron Paul supports DOMA, defense of Marriage act, the anti-gay pro-Christian marriage amendment

Conservatives and neocons are ashamed of having Ron Paul as a Republican, so they call him a racist, implying they’re liberals who love blacks, love gays and love Mexicans.

Ok, what they don’t want you know, is that Ron Paul is also on their side for gay marriage bashing. Let’s see Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Michelle Bachmann call Ron Paul a bigot for being pro-marriage. They won’t, because they hate gays more than Ron Paul does.

You see, being a racist is illegal, but all other forms of bigotry are acceptable as long as you can back it up with “freedom” “religion” or love of your country.

No Christian conservative Republican is going to call Ron Paul a bad guy if he wants to build a border fence, deport Mexicans, execute gays, ban practice of Islam, criminalize atheism, mandate “equal time” for creationism, criminalize abortion, whatever he wants to drugs, …but if he dares to say gas Jews or lynch blacks, he’s the bad guy.

Ron Paul racist newsletters are back! Yay, because nobody can ever make mistakes

You can cheat on your wife, you can change your mind on abortion, dress in drag, be openly gay, you can be a Mormon, you can be black. But God forbid if you were ever racist, for one minute, you’re as good as a convicted child molester (I bet you if any other GOP candidate was a child rapist, they’d still be viewed as more moral and electable than a racist, or Ron Paul)