Bill White mentions Arktos publishing based in India

If people want to put their energy into something now, I recommend the American Free Press and The Barnes Review. Willis Carto is the last of the solid white men of the older generation. I know Willis, and I believe him 100% legitimate — something I cannot say for his opponents. There have been a procession of weird characters in AFP in the past, and the Cartos have often been deceived and defrauded, but the core staff of those organizations are solid people, and the conmen have been largely run off in the past few years. I also vouch for the Indian-based publishing house Arktos, and several other international groups.

John Black Morgan, UK incorporation papers for Arktos Publishing Media LTD,


My name is John Morgan, and I’m Editor-in-Chief of Arktos Media. I wanted to answer the issues that were raised in this thread. First, while several people who are now working with Arktos Media, including myself, were previously involved with ITP, Arktos is actually a completely new company, with several new people and aims behind it, even though all of the things that we had wanted to do with ITP have carried over and Arktos now publishes all of our prior publications. Second, even though ITP and Arktos have both published books either by or related to Julius Evola, we do not consider ourselves to be an Evolian publisher – for example, Charles Upton, a prominent follower of Schuon, has contributed an article to the upcoming second issue of our journal, The Initiate. We also sell all of the books of Guenon and many of Schuon’s through our site. Also, none of the people involved with Arktos consider themselves to be Evolians – I myself, as a practicing Vaishnava, feel much closer to Guenon than Evola, even though I still find value in reading Evola.

As for the problems two of you encountered with ordering books from ITP, I am sorry to hear about them but if you had contacted us we would have been able to do something about it. It is true that we had many problems with our old distributor, and delayed orders and damaged merchandise were occasional problems when we were working with them. However, Arktos has a different distributor which is much more professional and we have yet to have a single problem with an order. Still, since you had problems, we can offer you a discount on your next two orders with us if you contact me privately.


John Morgan

Dear Carl,

I apologize for taking so long to respond, I’ve been quite busy lately. I didn’t necessarily take your Evolian descriptor to be derogatory, but nonetheless, it’s not accurate. We all see Arktos’ scope as going far beyond just Evola. I hope that eventually we will publish some books related to Guenon and Schuon as well (that is if World Wisdom or Sophia Perennis leave anything undone!).

As for “Radical Traditionalist,” there is at least one person in Arktos who would likely accept that moniker. As for myself, I definitely regard myself as a “traditionalist” although I don’t feel that I fit comfortably into any label. As I said, I’m a Vaishnava Hindu, so in my view everything that Guenon and Schuon wrote just further explicates what is already implicit in the idea of Sanatana Dharma.