Dogmatic global warming alarmists more certain than ever that man is responsible for climate change global warming polar vortex historical drought, even after Patrick Moore testifies co founder Greenpeace

that’s not what THIS GUY says, of course we’ll trust the environmentalist (by the way, TNA is the best source for scientific accuracy)

Remember this bitch? Yeah, former MADD chapter President getting DUI is about as relevant as Patrick Moore is for climate change

Climate change deniers are not the same as Holocaust deniers, just equally deserving of equal time. But what does that have to do with the ADL? Anti Defamation League Jews

Greg Craven is the author “What’s the Worst that can happen” a short, dumbed down book for those who need a crash course on climate change and the science behind it.

Don’t confuse with Greg Raven who is a Holocaust denier.

Here’s me quoting quoting and email allegedly taken from SkepticalScience forums

Here is an excellent email from Greg Craven…”

Here’s my two cents on engaging the public:

The biggest obstacles you need to understand are that the public doesn’t understand the nature of science, …they aren’t rational decision-makers, […]

Be aware that the press is very defensive about being called “liberal” by the heartland. So they will always give a denier equal weight under the guise of “We just report and let the reader make their own decision.” The hell they do. Ask “When the press does a story on the Holocaust, do they give equal time to the revisionists?”

It’s not SMEAR unless there’s something wrong with being a denier. Why are deniers so defensive when they hear such a word?