Newly invented smartphone keyboard accessories on Kickstarter, some require no electricity!

No, I am not including “iPad laptop cases” there’s too many of them, and the only difference is size, weight.

Sleekeys (no electricity)

Spike, just like the one above, but it’s part of a case, also no electricity required.

Jorno (full size, but it folds up)

Qwik Keyz (I generally hate names with Q, Z in them but whatever), this is basically a raised button sticker.

Crocodile keyboard (this is just an app, and there are many, so I only included this because it’s on kickstarter)

Andrew examines Cook’s Consensus Project

I appreciate Andrew taking the time to scrutinize Cook’s paper and findings. We need people like him, we need scientists who speak out too. It’s nice to hear about new faces, but keep in mind, not being explicitly endorsing is not the same as being skeptic.

I hope Andrew picks out more scientists who will call out any misrepresentation of their papers.

” 12,465 papers, we identified over 4,014 abstracts authored by 10,188 scientists”

Good luck poking a hole!

I agree, that science is not a democracy, consensus doesn’t make something correct, but it’s sure as hell more right most of the time than the alternatives. This is what skeptics and deniers keep ignoring, when you ask them to make a better prediction or give a better measure of fact when it comes to climate, they shut up. They can only say “you’re not perfect, you’re not 100% correct” they are completely silent of their own uncertainty.

AGW deniers won’t say

1. They won’t tell you how many scientists who are qualified to have an educated opinion on climate change actually disagree with the alleged consensus.

2. They won’t give you a testable prediction based on THEIR theory, because they know their predictions are NOT more accurate than that of “alarmists” or consensus.

3. They won’t tell you at what point will the debate be over, yet they know that on every other issue, they never ask if there’s 90, 95, 97, 99 percent consensus.

4. They won’t tell you when the last time scientific consensus was wrong, or even if they do, they can’t tell you this time it’s another example, why not? EVIDENCE. It’s one thing if the majority are wrong, but the minority doesn’t even have evidence to back up their side of the story, never mind being vindicated.

5. Last and least, they’ll never tell you what would it take to convince them they’re wrong. This is characteristic of deniers, conspiracy theorists, liars and dishonest people in general. Skeptics are not all deniers, but all deniers are dishonest people who cannot hold a rational discussion.