2019 prediction : Populartechnology.net will post no new substantial information on the topic of global warming (just more of the same denial)

For over 2 and a half years, he’s been silent, either found something more fun to do, or realized that denial is stupid.

He’s expressed many times before that his concern is government regulation, not scientific truth. Now that Trump is in power and undermined many parts of EPA, scientists are continuing to warn about warming. He cries alarmism, but when asked time and time again, has refused to give his own theory and prediction.

facebook page libertycrier is just posted junk from breakthematrix.com, occupy democrats logic reposts crap from pluralist.com (I guess populist.com was taken)

Lipstick on a pig is no longer an astroturfing solution, the world can see. Just like they saw through Brett O Keefe’s stupidity. I don’t care if Alex Jones is the real like O Keefe, patriot militias really are that insane. (Not a reference to Ted O Keefe the Holocaust denier)

Libertarianism won one thing this year, Trump is pulling out of Syria and Afghanistan. Otherwise the world is still the same as it was, anarcho capitalists will continue to complain about their shortcomings. This is what keeps conservatives and capitalists in business : crime and corruption, or else they’d have nothing to do, nowhere to go. All the more reason we should embrace job loss. I’m a Job Loser, and this is my complaint.