Soundcloud bankrupt by end of 2017. Any reliable backup download tool available? Users flock to grab their data burning bandwidth. #startupwoes

I saw this coming, it’s happened way sooner than I expected. All music streaming services die, always!

Capitalism works perfectly just like this.

In March, the company confirmed the latest in a series of financial infusions, $70 million in debt funding from Ares Capital, Kreos Capital and Davidson Technology. However, it incurred a 51 million Euro loss in 2015 on revenue of 21.1 million Euros

random von nothaus went to Punahou School , Xtra Extra Von Nothaus is CEO of Liberty Gold Xcard

CEO of an early-stage Financial Technology (FinTech) firm, XCard, that built a proprietary payment platform that facilitates the world’s first real-time asset-backed debit card. XCard combines a global payment platform with the consumer precious metals market. XCard embraces a new paradigm where online technology empowers consumers to make their financial decisions directly by solving the liquidity, security, and access obstacles that precious metal buyers face.