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Mark Weber :: April 2005

My Prerogative Broadcast
Why do we hear so much about ‘the Holocaust’? In this broadcast of the “My Prerogative” radio show, Mark Weber explains how and why the fate of Europe ’s Jews during World War II plays such an important role in our cultural and political life today. Rick Wood, the show’s skeptical host, keeps Weber on his toes with skeptical comments, questions and come-backs.

audiomartini with Jeff Schoep & Mark Weber, Rick Wood

NSM Commander Schoep was also a recent guest on the Audio Martini Radio program. Audiomartini usually focuses on Paranormal studies, however they also interview Professor’s, and other intellectuals from time to time. Mark Weber (Institute of Historical Review) and a leading Holocaust Revisionist was once on the show as well. Here is the show archive from audiomartini:

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Audiomartini-American Nazi Jeff Schoep
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