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FBI interested?

Somebody claiming to be a Google employee got a call, too good to be true

Somebody posted this on complaintwire, I believe they are wrong in mistakenly mixing up Merchant Services with 29 prime. The address below is for Merchant Services (based on my observation) the first phone number is for Merchant Services.
9012 Research Dr, suite 200, Irving, CA 92618
Direct lines: 949 861 4000 949 273 0100 855 270 7283 Ask for Marcus (that is ONE of the Bastards) or Chad
Now: Call them, visit them, s**t on them, spit on them, call the cops, pizza delivery, taxi, Fire department, shoot them…
WHATEVER YOU DO …use the same anger you had when they harassed you and you family …GIVE THEM HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Whether you’re curious of both sides, or just want to hear the version that makes you happy. This blog has you covered. Nobody annoys these people more than we do. Fully legally, without consequences. We know for a fact they are all calling their lawyers and inside men hoping to dig up information on us, and shut us down. But it ain’t happening.

They can’t harass our sponsors, because we have none. We have nothing to lose, so they can’t threaten us.