Rootsuits, zentai fetish, spandex full body go wild thanks to Greenman on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Andrew the climate change denier hates greenman

Now in Lycra, the swimsuit material. The cotton lobby better amp up their PR before this gets nasty.

One of the few things i hate in this life are leather and latex, you can’t get away from it these days.

Polyester, rubber or PU. I long for the days back when we used only jute, hemp, cotton and silk.

Rand Paul’s Detroit Republican t-shirt, was it Made In Detroit? What’s the joke?

Now everybody is asking for one. My office can’t handle all the calls, time to hire some Mexicans and Chinese to we can fulfill the orders 24/7.

Oh crap, did I just reveal what I do for a living? Not a chance. Keep guessing though, just because I blog, doesn’t mean I talk about my personal life.

But I learned something from Paul’s video. You can always be more careful with chainsaws.