David Miscavige too coward to respond to Going Clear, Scientology’s weakness is the people they got nothing on

They can blackmail and threaten members who have either revealed secrets of their personal lives, or they can harass people who they can find contacts, family members and such, but when it comes to outsiders, they got nothing. This is why criticism of Scientology is so effective, they can only hurt the people who were dumb enough to let them.

People who were never involved with their cult, never gave them contact information, never gave them materials as bargaining chips, are untouchable.

If you were never a member and piss off the organization, guess what? They can’t sue you, not without exposing themselves to greater scrutiny. Scientologists are the best example of Streissand effect suppression strategy gone wrong. They’ll never counter propaganda with more propaganda.

HBO documentary, Going Clear, Church of Scientology’s desperate moves to control their members, their money, their tax exempt status and their secrets from Suppression Persons, reminds me of Andrew

How far will some people go to harass, attempt to discredit, lie and censor their critics?

How are documentaries that “expose” alleged criminals any different than conspiracy films which take 8 people who claim to blow a whistle? Why should you believe one film over another?

Shepardize like the wolf’s at the door, that’s why it’s SHEPARD not SHEPherd, Better Call Saul westlaw inside jokes paralegal research on RICO

Stupid pun, but it sure made Americans look up WTF he was talking about.

“Often the case you are Shepardizing will have been cited dozens of times; some cases have been cited hundreds of times. By referring to the headnote references in Shepard’s citators, you can focus your research on only those cases that are relevant to your issues.”

The purpose of Shepardizing is to see if the case law is still “good and relevant”.