How NOT to operate a bracelet scam (case study: Energy Balance)

Default fonts on your website

Youtube video with file name unchanged

Ugly PayPal buttons

Empty photo gallery

Not showing your hologram (or worse yet, not having one, I am not going to find out if they have one, they do a poor job presenting their product)

Laptop now?

In the past, the stereotypical arguments for why you should get a desktop vs laptop, are much less true today.

Even if you like to have a big flat screen, or a keyboard, laptops today are both cheaper and much better performance.

Unless you’re a hardcore gamer or a constant programmer, there’s no reason a laptop under $1000 wouldn’t be sufficient to satisfy your needs.

You have much more brands to choose from today too!

US brands : HP, Dell
Japanese : Toshiba , Sony
Taiwanese :  ASUS, Acer, MSI
Chinese : Lenovo
Korean : Samsung, LG

For those who’ve never had a laptop, now is a good time to experience the new models with up to date speed.

Tip : Don’t pay for what you don’t need, such as a webcam if you don’t expect to use it.
NEVER let them sell you on a big fat hard drive, assume your harddrive will die and fail, always copy important data to a disc, or external harddrive. Portable harddrives are now under $100 for over 200GB.

Will the new iPod touch made Smartphones useless?

Looking at the new iPod touch, with high quality (HQ, HD) video camera capability, will I still need a $100 cam like Flip, Snapp from Coby? (When will drop the “The” from their name like TheFacebook did?)

Will metropolitan areas EVER have cheap wifi hotspots that I won’t need my smartphone? Or will mobile internet ever be affordable enough that I can get mobile internet on a PDA, media player device such as iPod, and without relying on a smartphone?

Speaking of which, the new iPod has apps for Vonage and Skype as well 😛