Trey Stinnett’s formula for capitalism is like Grant Kidney, except he’s got a headstart. He’s the same useless attention whore who just has $1M more than you.

Trey’s your typical Texas Republican white kid who hates the poor, wants to be cool, and doesn’t realize white privilege, that’s why he became a libertarian, and then slowly, thanks to internet + blind sighted privilege, he falls for anything and everything.

“I would give dozens of speeches, teach 31 workshops, speak in New York City on mindfulness, Meet Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, Ryan Holiday, Lewis Howes, and several other authors Iā€™d only known from their bylines.”

Yep, more fads. He’s just not shameless enough to hustle like Tai Lopez. He wants to be hippie free spirit but he’s married and doesn’t have a father, so he’s stuck being family man and wants you to be one too (after you pay him of course).

His audience and following, like other fad pushers, are the same who have the impulse buying syndrome. Positivity isn’t a Gaia pantheist jargon, it’s a privileged white boy license to deny all your critics. The funny thing about people like him is, he really made me realize the horseshoe theory of denialism, both pantheist hippies and white privileged rich people get to be in denial of everything. hacked? /home/wtseuzyg/public_html/