Skinhead, ska punk anarchism, anti-racist action, antifa black bloc, who wins the best cultural appropriation award?

It’ll have to be right wing alt right MRAs who can never think of anything original. It’s a matter of time for 4chan to flip on their 27M users. A big portion of which are losers who sit at home jacking off to MILF revenge porn.

Did anybody else notice that Anonymous is no longer leaking KKK members like they use to brag about? Alt right either co opted 8chan or trolls are toying them big time.

What will Whittiergate and LawSchoolScam both report today? Who bites the dust after ABA accreditation? Diversity is their biggest strength!

Tuition bubble and law school scams go hand in hand, finally somebody will pay. Staff will try to sue to stay the process, but we all know money wins at the end. I didn’t go out to drone video the stoner fest yesterday to come back for this kind of news.

Guess who didn’t speak out in all this? The Black Lives Matter professor Leary.