Republicucks and Cuckservatives desperate to deny that parties switched. Myth debunked by facts. Democrats WERE racists, but Republicans are NOW.

Here’s the simplest fact : Why bring up the past if the present is so obvious?

justfacts fags can’t refute this

it’s not a simple “when and why” but it doesn’t mean it never happpened.

it’s not always in the numbers
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hopeless necromantic. homeless romantic. hopeful nomadic. homeless no man tick. dopeless dramatic #gothjokes

Nihilists like writing dramatic emo bullshit. Goth kids just want attention. Try romanticism while you’re still young enough to corrupt. Before it’s too late. The world is big and amazing, it’s up to you to make the call, that’s the point of living, YOU are the karma enforcer. (She’s a bitch, but bitching about her won’t save you).