American Fascist Party officers Seth Tyrrsen et al

Update : This post wasn’t intended originally as an “update in 2012”, we just posted what we saw on the URL below. Contrary to this description “But he said he did agree to be the group’s “director of propaganda.” One website updated as recently as last year still had him listed with that title.” Therefore, it wasn’t that either this site or any other “still” listed anybody as anything.

Please DO NOT treat this as a current list of participants without further research or source.

Seth Tyrssen- Party Leader and Commander
Ministry of Defense: Minister David Hayes,
Ministry of Information: Minister Michael Cessna,;
Director of Propaganda- [removed by request of commentor, see below]

The American Fascist Movement e-mail address was and gave a postal address to Wisconsin.

About the comments below : the 2 comments come from 2 different people and IP addresses, so it’s unlikely both are James himself. If we had to guess, it’s more likely James commented as he told the Texas Tribune people, that it’s a past thing, and he’s no longer active in the group.

3 thoughts on “American Fascist Party officers Seth Tyrrsen et al

  1. Please remove me from your list of officers. I have not participated in any activities for many, many years, and am no longer in your group.
    James Ives

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