PR troll of 2017. Thanks trump.

“Is Nate F$#KING CRAZY?!”
… or did he just pull off a genius way to
meet smart, beautiful women… and…
ignite the most badass PR stunt of 2017?!
Dear Friend,

I have no idea how you reached this page.

Maybe someone told you about “this a$$&ole and his crazy dating site” …

Maybe you read an article about Should You Date Nate, this insane dating profile some guy wrote…

Perhaps it was just luck.

However you got here, you have stumbled upon… without a doubt…
One of the most successful PR campaigns of 2017!
Hi, my name’s Nate Rifkin and over a year ago, I wrote an advertisement. But not for a regular product. Instead, this ad sold myself as date.

Since then, it’s gone completely viral. Buzzfeed. EOnline. Yeah, that kind of viral.
Now I’m ready to show you exactly how I did it:
• How I crushed traffic, getting 200K+ website views and 500K+ ad views in mere days after spending just $500 on ads

• How I owned Facebook starting from scratch – no fans, no connections, nada (and, no, it wasn’t because I called in favors from influencers)

• How I got the media – including one MASSIVE daytime television show you would instantly recognize – to privately BEG me to reveal my story (if you think it was just crazy luck because everything was going viral, you’re wrong – there was a specific strategy I used first)

• Why going viral is easier than ever today because of our emotionally-unstable culture (and how to tap into this crack in the system)

• The lazy man’s way to PR. Did you notice how I didn’t do a single interview, run any contest… or really do much at all? Truth be told, I mostly just went about my life while this thing blew up. Why work hard doing PR when you can get the world to do your PR for you? I’ll show you how…

• The brilliant “double marketing” strategy my traffic guru used to turn a measly $500 into a tidal wave of online traffic
• The sneaky new kind of funnel we used after a hot tip from someone who may be the best traffic-driving expert alive
• According to Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams – who predicted Trump’s win a year in advance – the entire globe is caught up in a hallucination of two different worlds. If you want game-changing publicity, you need to communicate to both kinds of people simultaneously. I’ll teach you how…

• Did any smart, beautiful women respond to my ad? ABSOLUTELY YES! (People are asking if I’ve gone on crazy dates or run into gold diggers, but the truth is the exact opposite – every single woman I’ve met has been awesome, smart, and loves what I’m doing. Because of advanced copywriting, my dating profile automatically spoke to the best people. And if you think it was just because I said “I want someone happy who appreciates success” then you’re wrong. If you think it’s because I made a big list of what I didn’t want, you’re wrong. My profile wasn’t perfect, but I’ll share the advanced strategies I did right and what I’d do differently.)

• And… a complete A-to-Z, behind-the-scenes look at how this entire campaign was conceptualized and built by a few peeps having fun! The website… the graphic design… the traffic strategy… the video… the photos… the copy… everything!

I’m going to teach all this 100% FOR FREE. But not to everyone. Some of the best stuff will be kept behind-the-scenes. However, for the next few days, you can get access for FREE.

Here’s what to do next:

Get on the VIP list by sending an email to:
Once you do, I’ll add your email to the list, and soon you’ll start getting the behind-the-scenes look.



Nate Rifkin

P.S. When my dating site got famous, something happened that I didn’t expect:

I received countless emails from wonderful folks supporting me and wishing me well. Y’all got my personal response (and I apologize if I missed your email) but I wanted to say again…

Thank you.
Your support means the world to me. Many people are going to walk away thinking this was just a PR stunt. It wasn’t. Sure, I harnessed the power of buzz. But when I said on my dating profile that I’m looking to meet someone special, I mean it.
That’s all for now. Send a message to the email address above, to get the full story on Should You Date Nate.

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