vdare conference, peter brimelow’s report card on trump. vdare birthday.

Welcome to the registration and booking page for the VDARE.com Conference 2018.
Fill out the form below to purchase your ticket and/or book your overnight stays at our venue, Cheyenne Mountain Resort.
Grand river 1
April 19-22, 2018
Cheyenne Mountain Resort
3225 Broadmoor Valley Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Price: $225 until January 15th, 2018 – then $275. Meals and overnight accommodation is additional, as described below.
Join us for a weekend of candor, fellowship, and top-notch speakers, as we celebrate the shifting political tides and discuss the way forward for patriotic immigration reform and American national identity. VDARE.com experts have spent the last twenty years offending the mainstream by championing patriotic immigration, striving for a renewed American identity and challenging oppressive Cultural Marxism. What will they prophesy next?
Speakers will include
Peter Brimelow: Editor of VDARE.com and author of the “ur-text” on the problems with immigration policy Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster.
Tom Tancredo: Five-term Congressman from Colorado, Tancredo ran for the Republican Party nomination for President in 2008, centering his campaign on the issues of illegal immigration and terrorism.
Steve Sailer: Writer of the subjects of race relations, gender issues, politics, immigration, IQ, genetics, movies, and sports. His writing has been described as a precursor to Trumpism, seeming “to exercise a kind of subliminal influence across much of the right in (the 2000s). One could detect his influence even in the places where his controversial writing on race was decidedly unwelcome.” Tyler Cowen has described Sailer as the “most significant neo-reaction thinker today”. After the 2016 election, Michael Barone credited Sailer with having charted in 2001 the electoral path that Donald Trump had successfully followed.
John Derbyshire: Writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjects for all kinds of outlets. This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him for being politically incorrect. Derbyshire’s 1996 novel, Seeing Calvin Coolidge in a Dream, was a New York Times “Notable Book of the Year”. His 2004 non-fiction book, Prime Obsession, won the Mathematical Association of America’s inaugural Euler Book Prize.
Ron Unz: former publisher of The American Conservative from March 2007 to August 2013. He now publishes The Unz Review: An Alternative Media Selection: A Collection of Interesting, Important, and Controversial Perspectives Largely Excluded from the American Mainstream Media. Ran in 1994 for the governorship of California, and for sponsoring propositions promoting structured English immersion education.
~ More speakers to be announced ~
Schedule: The conference will begin on Friday, April 20, with registration from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. There will be a reception followed by opening remarks from the VDARE.com staff. Latecomer registration is at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, April 21, and the program will begin promptly at 10:00 a.m. and continue with breaks through the banquet Saturday evening.
The program will resume on Sunday the 22nd at 10:00 and conclude at 11:00am.
Meals: It is possible to purchase a conference ticket only, with no meals included. However, the culminating event on Saturday night is held in conjunction with dinner. If you would like to purchase a banquet add-on to a bare ticket price, please make sure that is reflected in your registration below.
Venue: The conference will be held in the naturally breathtaking landscape and exceptional hospitality of Cheyenne Mountain Resort. Just a short drive from famous Pikes Peak, the resort features over 200 scenic acres to explore, an 18-hole Pete Dye golf course, a spa and wellness retreat, tennis courts, fitness center, a private 35 acre lake offering both watersports and beach activities, 5 swimming pools and 3 restaurants.
If you fly, shuttle transport between the airport and the hotel can be arranged with the hotel guest services by calling 719-538-4000.

Happy Birthday, Virginia Dare!

Peter and I honor VDARE.com’s namesake each year on August 18th, Virginia Dare’s birthday. This year, in addition to having a family celebration for our daughters at home here in Connecticut, we are extending the celebration to all of our readers.

VDARE.com is America’s voice on patriotic immigration reform. In honor of Virginia Dare’s 430th birthday and all the American and patriotic symbolism she represents, we invite you to make a tax-deductible contribution to VDARE Foundation.

Your birthday present will enable us to continue to defend American national identity and fight for patriotic immigration reform, just as we have done so effectively for the last 18 years. We are on the cusp of a real victory in immigration restriction, but there are no guarantees.

This birthday week (August 13 to 19), we invite you to join the many generous donors who care about our nation’s immigration crises by giving a donation toward our $4,300 goal in her honor.

AND—donate $43 or more and we’ll send you a Confederate Flag as a special party favor.

Drink a toast to Virginia Dare and give a donation to VDARE.com, to ensure her legacy lives on to support (at least) another 428 years!


lydia and daughter Felicity

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