James Agresti is an idiot. prove me wrong. justfacts is a troll organization created to spam search engine results for sensational click bait. Debunk and disprove my claim, I dare you.

James D. Agresti is the president of Just Facts, a think tank dedicated to researching and publishing verifiable facts about public policy issues.

His writings have been cited by numerous major media outlets, academic institutions, think tanks and government entities. A brief sampling includes CBS, PBS, Investor’s Business Daily, Vanderbilt University, the University of Wisconsin Madison, National Review, the Huffington Post, Roll Call, Encyclopædia Britannica, the Journal of Global Faultlines, the Heritage Foundation, PolitiFact, the Wisconsin Legislature, the Oklahoma Department of Labor, and the education ministry of Northern Ireland.

Jim holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Brown University and has worked as a designer of jet aircraft engines, a technical sales professional, and chief engineer of a firm that customizes helicopters. He is also the author of Rational Conclusions, a rigorously documented and acclaimed book evidencing factual support for the Bible across a broad array of academic disciplines.

Jim Agresti is married to an amazing woman and has two wonderful children. He is also grateful to have a tremendous extended family and loyal friends, some for more than 30 years.


Jim was an avid wrestler in high school and was the President of Delta Tau Delta fraternity at Brown University.


He enjoys good food, motorcycling, working out, and coaching wrestling.


In recent years, Jim has been the head chef for an annual dinner with over 100 people in attendance, including celebrity chefs and top executives from one of the world’s largest corporations. Legend has it that Jim bribed his wife to marry him by cooking her his homemade cavatelli.


Jim finds a way to relate most things to Seinfeld, and he insists that several events in his life inspired some of the plotlines on the show.


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