I thought that ‘law’ was sort of short for ‘logic, That just got blown out of the water. Todd Macfarlane sued by Tony Twist for using his name without permission, sadly, he was dumb enough to admit in interview the source of the name. Free speech my ass. Antonio Twistelli

When last we left our hero, Todd McFarlane, he was fretting outside a St. Louis courtroom after a St. Louis jury had awarded $24.5 million to former hockey player Tony Twist after McFarlane appropriated Twist’s name for a thuggish mobster in the pages of Spawn. “I thought that ‘law’ was sort of short for ‘logic,’” said Todd. “That just got blown out of the water.”
Understandably so. “Law,” according to my dictionary, derives from an Old Norse word, “log,” that means, “Something set down.” You know, like, “Captain’s Log.” “Logic,” derived from the word “logos” is something else entirely. So when the jury (described by McFarlane devotee Erik Larsen as a “pack of stupid hicks”) dropped a log on Todd, he was completely unprepared for it. Indeed, according to St. Louis columnist Bill McClellan, Todd was already contemplating his next “victim.” Wrote McClellan, “If the jury decides he can just use somebody’s name without authorization, I think I know the identity of one of his future characters. Every now and then, the cartoonist casts a wistful glance at Twist’s attorney. His name is Bob Blitz.”

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