Leslie Shaefer aka MissMoses.com anti-DP rap song

By Leslie Shaefer (Miss Moses) http://www.missmoses.com

amerikkkan euphemisms transform
murder into injection
barbaric vengeance into justice
smirking politicians pass
another buck
duck responsibility
in the name of societal utility
it’s the courts
it’s the board
it’s the governor
it’s the people
constitutional COP outs
and justification of bloodthirst
wrapped in legal commentary
leaders become led by misinformed opinion polls

while we dispose of human souls
is a 5-4 supreme court wishy-wash not evidence
of reasonable doubt?
there is nothing reasonable tonight under
Texas skies
infectious lies
inoculated and silenced
in the name of state-sponsored violence
legal homicide
in the most premeditated fashion
now we discuss and mistrust polarized passion
klan called him “boy” on his death gurney
“eyewitness” maintained her mistake
then the endless tease ends with ONE vote of a


lady “justice” may be blind
but she’s not deaf
she hears the cries of innocent
and guilty blood
they silenced his final statement mid-sentence
stared truth in the face and boldly spit
potassium bromide cocktails into veins
now they’ll sip cocktails and back pat political gains

they without capital get the punishment
they without red-line capitol hill phones
they without the foresight
of being born white
and even if blessed with melanin deficiency
right to life hinges on one contingency
cash stops electric currents
plugs up IV tubes
renders cyanide tablets inert
breaks limbs and timbers of gallows
makes blank the fire of the squad
and provides the illusion of favor of God

Shaka follows behind Cleo, Betty, Ricky, Sean
crying for moratorium
Mumia awaits in the wings
while egos and face-saving keeps them clipped
stifles flight in the natural
feels good to keep the poor man down
keep him hidden away in rural prison towns
Not In My Back Yard

TRUTH is increasing in volume
whispers and gasps of death chamber lips
echo centuries of shackles and slavemaster whips
raises her voice to her sister who sleeps

and arouses revolution while God and I weep.

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