Eric Hunt holocaust denier bitcoin address and patreon account questioningtheholocaust 1FmV6NxacPnWbD3CqJLjALV3ZPEKHvB5R7

Eric Hunt
The major flaw which prevents “Revisionism / Denial” from winning the argument is – where did the Jews unable to work go – the elderly, children, etc. We are told they were gassed by the hundred of thousands, and Revisionists dispute this. But where did they go? We are told “transited to the East” was a codename for exterminated in gas chambers. But if they were indeed transited to the East, there is a severe lack of information regarding this mass transfer. This is in part understandable because of the Iron Curtain and Soviet totalitarianism controlling information. I’m going to do new research to see if any information of Jews “transited to the East” exists. If not, to the average person, these missing Jews are “as good as gassed”. Thanks!

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