Bradley Smith A personal history of moral decay free ebook

Bradley Smith has been described by the Los Angeles Times as an “anarchist libertarian” and by the Anti-Defamation League as one of the most dangerous “extremists” in America. In A Personal History of Moral Decay, he emerges as a simple writer struggling to find “right relationship” in a world where the political and the personal converge, without resolution, through the coruscating prism of human experience. Threaded over decades and spanning continents, Smith’s episodic memoir unspools in bright layers of crisp, laconic prose to confide and illuminate the adventures, the moral failures, the fleeting epiphanies, and the interpersonal bonds that haunt and animate a life.  Let this be your introduction to one of the most distinctive, if overlooked, voices in American literature.

March 5, 2016 UPDATE

Bradley Smith is no longer among the living. I wrote a short memorial, which is archived on the dedicated CODOH page here.

A Personal History of Moral Decay will remain available for sale as a physical book, but I am also making the entire book available for free. CLICK HERE to download your copy of the PDF. Enjoy.

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