Tom Mulhall, Mary Clare owners of Terra Cotta inn Palm Springs nudist resort sold, now Monkey Tree hotel a la Shag Josh Agle

tcotta said:
Thanks for the nice post Andy. This is Tom Mulhall. Mary Clare and I were the owners of The Terra Cotta Inn. If any one wants to talk to us, you can call 1-760-322-6059 and get the correct answera. Ask for Tom.
Terra Cotta Inn was a fun business. But, it is still a business. We were not married to it. It was not our life (even though we worked 70-80hr weeks).
We wanted to enjoy life before it was too late. I think we proved that nudists and can open a nudist resort. Be very successful like textile businesses, earn a fun livelihood, and then sell it (at a profit) when you are ready to retire. We owned TCI 21 years.
We’ve had sales contracts from 4 other nudist couples. 2 of them chickened out literally days before closing. The other 2 never could put together partnerships for financing.
The first contract to sell TCI was 10 years ago. We could never say we were close to selling as we would have had people make mistakes and say we were sold 10 years ago. That’s the nature of rumors. So we told no one until the deal closed and we were never 100% sure.
TCI is a historic property. It was built by Albert Frey who is a very famous mid-century modernism architect. The couple who bought our resort are an architect and Wall Street Asset Manager. They intend to market to people that like historic properties. They are very nice people.
They will go back to the original name of our resort, The Monkey Tree. So if you know textiles, you can mention The Monkey Tree to stay at.
Sadly they like bathing suits better than birthday suits.

Now on a positive note, the new owners are smart (besides nice) and they have talked with our guests, listened to me and Patty. They have decided for 4 weeks in July, from July 5th to 31st, it will be TCI reunion month and WILL BE NUDIST then. Mary Clare and I will be guest hosts. We are already about 60% booked for those 4 weeks already. For info call 760-322-6059.
Now we will have time to travel and hope to see everyone at other nudist places.

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