Buy a maxi dress for your wife, ask a stranger about being sheer and clear, do they teach this shit in PUA school? Pick up artist fail joke, Florida loser

Jeffrey Polizzi is the laughing stock of American losers. He actually looks like a decent and honest man, well dressed, no tattoos, but his words give a chilling ‘first impression’.

Maybe his problem is he keeps forgetting the people who talks to, like 50 first dates, bad memory. According to Candice, he records them on video, so he’s gotta remember them. Who knows, maybe he purposely approached her again or knows his ‘type’.

What does it take to get arrested? Doing something illegal.

Like most people have agreed, what he did in Candice’s video was rude, stupid and nasty, but not at all illegal. She too, did nothing illegal by exposing him. She embarassed him, but wasn’t aware of any of his crimes, she couldn’t accuse him of anything criminal either. But hey, can’t hurt to be careful.

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