Who are you and why are you obsessed with my site? Should I work on my sources more?

There’s nothing you can do about it. I know how to use the internet efficiently and I’m not a stalker. My list has been cited and my site has been quoted, therefore I’m a credible source even though I deny that “impact factor” means shit in peer review.

My site is “impartial” because I stay anonymous and never tell you what my agenda is (except free market, anti-marijuana and anti-carbon tax)

Energy and Environment is a peer reviewed journal, but that doesn’t mean their articles are perfect and flawless, therefore you lose by default.

If you’re deciphering what I’m ranting about, you’re already underestimating your own overreaction to it. The sage does not die at 50, nor is he from South Central LA (aka SOLA)

Yo, best part is, I screen captured “for my protection” in case you decide to change what you wrote. I’m so paranoid about winning an internet debate that I keep useless troll comments as evidence I didn’t lose to a hammer.

It’s for me to know and you’ll never find out. I know creative writing more than Andrew, not bad for an embecile after a lobotomy

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