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Talia is a newly available aspiring comedy writer living in San Francisco who recently left Los Angeles to pursue a career in hangin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool.

She was born in LA but spent what psychologists would call her “formative years” living in Northern California. Like a koala plucked from its natural habitat, she missed the seasons and eucalyptus trees everywhere the most. Her favorite day since moving to San Francisco was when a bird pooped on her twice and then she saw Bill Clinton walking down the street. Her second favorite day was when you found this page.

Currently, she is a freelance writer for the personal experience team at Cracked.com. She interviews people and writes about their experiences to entertain and inform the masses. Since June 2014, Talia’s articles have accrued more than three million views.

If you would like to contact Talia for a writing or editing opportunity, please email her at oprahsmom@icloud.com. Talia promises not to talk about herself in third person outside of this page unless otherwise asked/paid.

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