John McAfee & Ke$ha, the biggest trolls of the week, crack iPhone, sue Sony

John McAfee claims he can get somebody to hack an iPhone without Apple’s help.

Next he’ll tell us bitcoin is a joke. How can a person who offers to help FBI for free be a serious candidate for President?

Of course, no Libertarian Party candidate is ever serious, this guy wasn’t even born in the US. He’s as good as Ted Cruz.

Kesha is an attention whore. You heard her media frenzy story “Judge orders her to work with her rapist, a contract has more rights than a rape victim”

No, that’s not the case. The judge simply ruled (mind you, the judge is a woman) that you cannot ditch a contract and wipe your hands clean just because you accuse another person of rape. Sony offered her alternative producers, so she is not “forced to work with Dr. Luke” She’s not forced to work at all, but if she does, she’s only “forced” to pay Sony the share of profits in return for their investment in promoting her.

She was the gull to say she “fears Sony would not promote her” if she stays in the contract and chooses another producer. WTF. That’s retarded, why would Sony invest in her again UNLESS they intend to milk the shit out of her?

I hate sounding like an MRA rape apologist, but seriously, if anybody can run away from a contract based on false accusations, what good are contracts? What use is the court of law?

American feminists believe “innocent until proven guilty” unless the accusation is rape.

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