Grant J Kidney is full of shit again. Looking up to Alex Jones then Elon Musk is not a dream goal

“So last year my entire world turned upside down. I lost my relationship, I lost my cat to cancer, I left my job at Gannett and I moved all the way back home to Pittsburgh.
I sincerely miss Des Moines, which I still consider a second home. But more than the city itself, I miss my old life in general.
There was a freshness to Des Moines that just isn’t present here in Pittsburgh. I miss the days when Kate and I would go shopping in the more affluent neighborhoods- or take coffee drives and look at nice houses.
I miss Kate’s family as well. These were very gracious, loving people and I am so honored to have known them for as long as I did.
I like to give tips to others on how to improve themselves and how not to let the past get them down. As strong as I seem in most cases, I am definitely just as fragile as anyone else.
I’ll never be the same after Iowa. I was forever changed by my experience there. šŸ˜•”

Take Kate, pun intended. This sounds nothing like the spoiled kid from Austin or an Apple advisor.

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