Who fears technological unemployment?

  1. Conservative politicians who fear people will become lazy and live without work
  2. Communists and liberals who fear the rich will get what they need without workers
  3. The poor who fear they will not be able to earn a living without working for the rich
  4. Anybody else who has the wrong idea of what counts as “work”, people who are wrongly obsessed with “work ethic” without knowing that works is a means.

Why we know you can’t simply look at 1900s.
1. Population has increased, thanks to efficiency
2. Consumption has increased as many countries are still developing
3. Consumption will eventually flatline like all other commodities have

Why people are in such denial of technological unemployment
1. It challenges their paradigm and axiom of “work is good”
2. It’s no different than being told that death penalty is no longer necessary
3. They love technology’s good, but also fear unemployment, therefore, they insist technology can only bring more employment, otherwise if it decreases employment, it’s BAD.
4. They have a superiority sense against non-humans are cannot accept that robots can be just as good as they  are to get something done, if not sometimes better

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