Bad examples of “technology creates jobs”

The assembly line supposedly created more jobs in manufacturing.

No, it didn’t. The demand for those products was already there. Factories and machinery on the assembly line only made it EASIER. So whether it meant more people with less skills were employed or the people originally required are reduced, it’s not an example of creating jobs.

Cellphones didn’t kill jobs, they only created more jobs for people who sell them

Another example of a transition period where people are starting to buy the new product. Cellphones DO allow people to talk more, in more places, so people DO naturally use it more. BUT, the people required to connect the calls have decreased, the COST of making a call dropped and less people are employed as a result.

What about those salesman for cellphones? They were only needed when cellphones were first introduced from 2001-2008. Then since 2008, it’s a new wave of selling smartphones. Unless there’s a new product next, these people will be out of work too.

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