Justice for the Liberty-An All American Documentary, by Break of Dawn Productions

This DVD presents the little known human interest side of the most explosive military & political controversy of the last half century, as told by those who survived it.

Israel’s 1967 summer of love surprise attack on the US Navy’s top spy ship killed 34 Sailors, wounded another 171, & quickly became the stuff of controversy, forgotten legends full of top medals awarded in secret, silenced support from the highest levels of governmental, military, & clandestine organizations, along with wide ranging conspiracy theories supported by fringe elements pushing their own agendas by way of the Liberty’s ordeal. Taught at the US Naval Academy as a prime example of true American grit, and encased in the US Naval & NSA/Cryptologic Museums, it remains the only attack on a Navy ship NOT investigated by Congress and further consigned to the dustbins of yesteryear with every passing year, despite being the most highly decorated US Navy ship for a single event in all of American history.

Now, for the first time ever, Justice strips away the political to get personal with the heroes of that day and their distinguished supporters, letting them tell their side of an amazing story of survival against ALL odds, betrayal at the highest levels, and nearly five decades of being ignored by their country, all without interruption by conflicting viewpoints or outside narration. Focusing less on who attacked them & why to spotlight who abandoned them & how that betrayal affected them after 40+ YEARS in the wilderness of national apathy & conspiratorial subterfuge, we highlight the intensely personal side so often forgotten in the wake of larger military & political narratives, along with a compelling reason why this story is more important now than ever before.

Using declassified documents, never before seen photos & home video, along with exclusive interviews to get at the heart of what a co-founder of the US Air Force Academy calls a ‘deep dark stain on the honor of the Navy’, Justice for the Liberty aims to let those with the wounds bear witness to the fallen, testifying once and for all on the permanent record for a future hopefully brave enough to honestly confront our past and our increasingly forgetful present.

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