Decoding the mystery of androgynous queers, gender fluid non binary tweeners

As of now, you most likely have heard of “gender non-conforming” or “transgender”, the simplest way to explain these phrases is : people who do not conform to the gender expectations of what they were assigned at birth. In other words: male is generally assigned “man” as gender and “masculine” as gender stereotypical behavior, people who deviate from this expectation would be considered “non-conforming” or “transgender”.

Although transgender is usually thought of as “opposite” . Androgyny simply means a person is confusingly ambiguous of what gender he/she is expressing. In fact, it may be easier to say androgyny is a failure to express the opposite gender.

As such, what IS the easiest way to find out a person’s gender at birth, if he/she expresses ambiguous androgyny intended to fool you? Think back, how many million ways are there to change or express your gender stereotype?

There’s hairstyle, clothing, make up and surgery. What’s the easiest thing one can do that creates the first gender expression? It’s hairstyle. Hair is one thing that anybody can change regardless of skin color, health, fitness, just so long as you’re lucky enough not to be bald.

So what’s the shortcut you ask? If a person has a hairstyle that can be attributed to a gender, his/her gender assigned at birth is 90% of the time just the opposite. Meaning, an androgynist woman (female at birth) will have short male hair 90% of the time. A long hair pretty boy would be, or would have been, a boy at birth. Hair is the easiest thing to change to create the first sign of gender, and if you’re bending or intend to confuse, it’s the first thing you’d do.

After hair, you have face, then chest, then body fat/physique, body hair, crotch, height…

I hope this guide is helpful. My point here isn’t to shame or criticize people who do not wish to conform, but to give curious people an easy answer if they think it’s their business to know or ask. And no, I don’t give a fuck if politically correct queers or feminists want to call me transphobic or cissexist. I’m a normal person who has not problem pointing out that short of being intersex, 99% of all people are one sex. Gender is a social construct and like ethnicity, can be changed. I have no problem with gender non conformers or transgender people, I just have no problem pointing out they are different.

Yes, there is biological sex, just like there is biological height and weight, it doesn’t and should judge your life, but that’s why admitting it shouldn’t be a problem. The insistence of avoiding it is reinforcing the stereotypes and differences, not embracing equality.

Transgender people continue to remind us the fact of life : genders are not equal, and they don’t want them to be.

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