Ben Kalasho, Chaldean American Chamber of Commerce anti-ISIS buttons in San Diego, for Nazarani Nazarene Nazi tag, because extremist Muslims and Jews hate Christians #WearOrange #WeAreN #WeAreNazarani #BangUNs #GangBun #BanGus

What does the Arabic letter”N” mean today?

The Letter ن “N” today stands for humanity, it stands for religious tolerance and acceptance, which unites all mankind. Sadly, it took a genocide in Iraq and Syria to formulate this BIG-IDEA. The letter “N” which had a negative connotation is now the symbol that is proudly worn by thousands of people around the world. Today we are pleased to stand by what this Symbol has transformed to mean, Anti ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq & Syria) Wear it proudly.

The “N”
The Arabic letter “N” ن (inside red circle), signifying “Nasarah” (Christian) on a Christian home (see photo).

Protests highlighting the plight of Christians and other minorities in Iraq & Syria are being held in many parts of the World; thanks to the #WeAreN campaign that has drawn attention to the unprecedented persecution by highlighting
the Arabic letter “N,” which the ISIS militants placed on the homes of Christians in Iraq & Syria.

The Choices of “N”
The Chrisians, Jews, Yezidis and Shabaks were given three choices;
1. Convert to Islam 2. Pay a Jezia (Muslim Tax) 3. Public Execution

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