Anonymous charity? Or no accountability? N pin proceeds donated where?

Support the #WeAreN Movement! We must stand in solidarity with the innocent victims who have been tortured and killed in Iraq and Syria. #N-PIN

Who are the Christians in Iraq & Syria and who has ISIS been targeting?

The Christians in Iraq & Syria are made up of the Assyrians, Chaldeans, and Syriacs. Christians are not the only ones being targeted by ISIS extremists. Yazidis, Shabaks, Jews, Shiite Muslims, as well as some Sunni Muslims have been targeted and killed. ISIS will kill ANYONE who does not believe in their views and ideology. They are virulently opposed to the West, to the U.S., to modernity and to anyone who sees the world differently from their narrow medieval perspective.

What does N-Pin stand for?

The letter “N” in arabic stands for Nasrani, or Christian. This letter is being painted in Christians’ homes in Iraq and Syria to identify people based on religion in order for the terrorist ISIS/ISIL militants to identify their victims. ISIS/ISIL is not only persecuting Christians, but Muslims, Yazidis, and Jews as well. They will kill anyone who doesn’t covert to Islam. The #WeAreN campaign is working on drawing attention to the genocide taking place in Iraq as well as the horrific acts of these monsters in other areas as well. The trending hashtag is a response to the official announcement that the radical Islamist group known as ISIS (the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) has successfully ridded the city of Mosul, located in northern Iraq in the biblical region of Nineveh, of its Christian population. The 2,000 year old faith community had little choice than to leave when the radicals threatened to kill them if they refused to convert, pay a tax or leave the city without their belongings.

Who created N-Pin and how did it come about?

N-Pin was founded by Ben Kalasho, President of the Chaldean American Chamber of Commerce. Ben Kalasho knew it was crucial to raise awareness for the situation in Iraq.
“By wearing your N-Pin you are raising awareness by having someone ask you what it stands for. You can wear your N-Pin everyday and by doing so you are showing respect to those innocent victims who have been tortured and killed in Iraq and Syria.”-Ben Kalasho

Who will the proceeds go to?

**ALL proceeds will be delivered by a designated person; the person designee can’t be named for safety and security reasons. Proceeds will be distributed evenly amongst displaced victims in Iraq and Syria.**

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