Child molester defined, it’s a COMPLIMENT

1. To disturb, interfere with, or annoy:

1. to disturb or annoy by malevolent interference

1. to bother, interfere with, or annoy.

-To annoy intentionally
-To disturb or tamper with.

definition 1: to annoy, disturb, or attack. (wordsmith/ the denier’s trusted source)
So there, I found dictionaries online that define the word without any reference to sexual acts. Therefore, if EVEN ONE child can say he/she is annoyed by you, you are a “molester” using a blogger’s logic. If calling somebody a “fraudulent” or “trickery” can be compliments, surely calling somebody a molester can be too. Therefore, you have no defamation case, because you said so, and I said so. You mad bro?

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