Shit Minimum Wage Raise advocates say

We can get better jobs, we just don’t want to, or why should we have to?
We have no choice, that’s why we need to force employers to pay more.
No country as rich as this one should allow jobs paying less than living wage.
Paying people more is good for the employer too.
Paying people more may be bad for the employer, but too bad.
If you don’t pay people more, you’ll lose money to your competition.
If you don’t pay people more, the only thing one can do is wait on unions and laws.
Employers can always afford to pay more, and if they can’t, too bad.
Higher wages is good for the economy.
Higher wages creates more jobs, but if it doesn’t, it’s still good for the economy.
Costco is a role model, I don’t care if they offer less jobs.
More jobs is better, unless they don’t pay living wage, then less jobs is better.
Unions protect workers against competition.
A worker’s livelihood is more important than an employer’s salary.
Corporations don’t create jobs, workers do, that’s why we need employers to pay workers more. That’s why we need to ask the government to force employers to pay workers more, because workers have all the power, or not.
Paying people more will not raise the cost of living.
Capitalism guarantees that people making above minimum wage today will still make more after MW is raised.
Good employers know to pay people living wages.
We need laws to force employers to pay living wage, or else they never will.

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