Matt Koehl founder and commander of The New Order National Socialist religious movement dies

A New Year’s Message from the NEW ORDER National Council

The NEW ORDER is still recovering from the catastrophic blow it suffered when its founder and leader, Matt Koehl, died on October 10. The process of transition to a new leadership team is now underway, but it is complicated and time-consuming, and will not be completed until sometime later this year.
In the meantime, we wish to reassure all of our supporters and sympathizers, both in the US and abroad, that the NEW ORDER’s struggle for survival of our Race and the fulfillment of its destiny will continue.

Today the White countries of the world, without exception, are dominated by the so-called “New World Order”—or “Jew World Order,” as Commander Koehl put it. The race-destroying ideology and policies of this evil system are designed for the specific extermination of Aryan humanity. The White population of the globe continues to dwindle. Our governments are filled with race-traitors and aliens, who have opened the floodgates of non-White immigration into historically White lands. The broad masses of our people remain blissfully asleep, unaware of the doom that is even now overtaking them.

Again to quote Matt Koehl, we are living in the “great wintertime of our Race,” when all seems bleak and barren about us.

Will a viable breeding pool of White genes remain by the year 2100? Certainly the situation is dire, even critical. And yet there remains cause for hope.

More and more of our kinsfolk are becoming aware of the growing darkness that surrounds them, even if they do not fully understand it. They are searching for answers. They are searching for National Socialism—even if they do not yet realize it.

Every day we see wonderful opportunities for our Movement to spread its race-saving message to our people. Many White people are now receptive to our core message, who in the past might have rejected it as “too extreme.” This is not the time for defeatism, demoralization or retreat. Rather, it is a time for us to move forward in sprit of energy, confidence and enthusiasm.

We must not lose faith in the inherent superiority of our Race, nor in its ability to accomplish great deeds in the face of enormous odds.

The NEW ORDER is and remains the fighting vanguard of the struggle for Aryan survival.

We wish all National Socialist comrades and all Aryans everywhere a happy New Year.

Keep the faith.

Great things are in store for the days ahead!

—National Council of the NEW ORDER

Thursday, 1 January 2015

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