Nazi Slayer’s view on Homosexuality, the guy who strives on “Nazis are fags” as his motto slogan


Homosexuality is not an “alternative lifestyle”, as the politically correct will have it. One does not choose to be homosexual or heterosexual. One does not say “wow, homosexuality is so cool, I think I’ll become gay”, or “being gay is a pain in the ass, I’ll be hetero from now on”. Homosexuality is an illness. It interferes with one of our basic functions as living beings: reproduction.

It is hotly debated in what proportion the causes of homosexuality are genetic, organic, psychological or cultural. Probably a bit of each. Is homosexuality treatable? In some cases, probably yes. In others, certainly not, at least not for the time being.

Should homosexuality be treated? Everybody has the right to their own private life. Homosexuality is not an infectious disease. Homosexuals can function perfectly well in society. They are not a drag. If they want to be gay, let them. They should not be allowed to adopt children, as that may be detrimental for the child’s personality (though far less detrimental than being adopted by a wife-beater, a bigot or a bum). Rapists and child abusers should be dealt with harshly, but the same goes for their heterosexual counterparts.

Above all, homosexuals should not be discriminated. Homosexuality is morally neutral. It does not disqualify an individual morally or intellectually as a human being, any more than daltonism or the flu would. It does not add or subtract from a person’s basic human rights. Respect homosexuals as fellow human beings; neither more, nor less.

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