David Eifrig SCAM , free silver loophole and dividend boost, 5 magic words exposed

UPDATE : most likely the 5 words are “John F Kennedy half dollars”, and you will get a roll, good luck finding any silver in them though.

There is no 5 magic words, that’s why he didn’t just give it to you.

He reveals facts that contradict his original advertisement :
Not all banks do it
Only works 25% of the time
They ARE undervalued coins
Not bullion (most likely Ikes or Morgans)
No paperwork? (doubtful)
It’s a “report” not 5 simple words
You have to exchange paper dollars (most likely this means, tellers don’t know what silver coins are, and just exchange dollars for silver dollars).
No direct answer if it’s “legal or moral” or not
Allegedly 750M minted, 20M still available
He admits the loophole will close, so most likely its already gone, he’s selling this scam.

His whole video and webpage is to distract you and sell you another advice that has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SILVER LOOPHOLE.


Consider this quote “I’m not talking about opening a new bank account. I’m not talking about getting discounted silver, or undervalued coins. I’m talking about walking into almost any ordinary bank, and saying 5 specific words to any teller. Then, after a short, and free transaction, in many instances… bingo… walking out with a handful of real silver, which could possibly be worth as much as a few hundred dollars.”

Keyword here is “could”, by this logic, one COULD walk into a bank and get shot, or waste his time, one COULD walk into a bank and be run over by a car on the way home. Does this paragraph lead a reader to believe that almost any bank would offer you the transaction, and every transaction contains silver coins? More specifically, one COULD buy this secret tip, and hunt 100 banks, saying the same 5 words 100+ times, hunt through hundreds of coins, and end up with no silver coins whatsoever.

Perhaps most readers would think that the moment a person gets the coins in his hand from a teller, both the teller and the customer knows the person is walking away with silver coins. This is most likely NOT the case, banks don’t make their money giving away free stuff for nothing, the only reason you’re able to walk away with some, is because nobody knows what’s in your rolls. It’s a hunt!

So why “bingo”? Bingo usually is an indication you know you won or are happy you got what you were looking for, this bingo moment DOES NOT HAPPEN until you’ve unrolled your coins!

Did you know that if you hunt through enough pennies, you’ll find some wheat pennies and Indian head pennies? Hell, if you hunt through enough one dollar bills, you might find a $20 bill, or silver certificate. The point of all this is, there’s no “loophole” which makes one person rich at the expense of another person, loopholes like that are typically noticed and closed because they do real noticeable harm and loss. There’s no secret to getting rich, not if it requires you to spend time and try your luck. You don’t need to pay for information you most likely already know is not going to be useful to you. People who pay for this tip or secret, THINK they found the fastest and cheapest way to get free silver in a somewhat guaranteed or predictable fashion, they will most likely, based on the laws of statistics, spend the most time trying to hunt for the few that are left.

Is this immoral or illegal?

As you’ll soon see, I’m not really a “play by the regular rules” type of guy.

And this is definitely not a “play by the regular rules” opportunity.

You’ll have to decide whether or not it’s right for you.

As for me, I think it’s an incredible situation you’d be silly not to take advantage of.

I’m sure it’s not illegal, it’s illegal to teach people illegal things for money. Is it immoral? No, because like storage auctions, you spend time and take chances, that’s the investment you put in for your ‘earnings’, there’s no barrier for competition. So my opinion is : it’s not immoral and not illegal, just stupid if you’re doing it to make money, it might be fun if you have nothing better to do and lots of time on your hands, collectors do this regularly, but it won’t replace a job. Otherwise we’d solve unemployment already, don’t you think?

I bet nobody can tell me how often and likely it still is to find those FREE SILVER COINS. It’s getting harder and harder by the day, at what point would the chance be so minimal that one can say it’s just not there?

23 thoughts on “David Eifrig SCAM , free silver loophole and dividend boost, 5 magic words exposed

  1. I fell for the “5 magic words, I ordered it for $24.95 if I remember correctly and paid with a credit card. It’s been around two months and I have not received anything. I know he received my $24.95. I feel he ripped me off.

    • Mark, you are a moron and deserve to be ripped off. Don’t you know that you can contest a charge on your credit card within 60 days and obtain a credit?
      BTW, people like you, who buy into these scams, deserve what they get. Educate yourself about investing your money and then invest it in something that will provide you with an income 20-30 years hence. The only way “you” will get rich quick is if someone discovers oil in your backyard!

  2. No comment on David Eifrig’s offer, as I have not ordered it so don’t know whether it’s legitimate or not, helpful or useless. I came to this thread hoping to learn something factual about the offer so I might make an informed decision about whether or not to accept it. With a title like “5 magic words exposed”, I expected the author would actually know and reveal what the five words are.

    Instead of finding ANYTHING factual about Eifrig’s actual words, I was amazed to find this author merely speculated on what they might be, then built a case for what’s wrong with his/her own dreamed-up conclusion and transferred the whole sloppy scholarship onto Mr. Eifrig.

    All the more remarkable is that he/she woud publish such tripe and boldly declare the offer is a scam without himself/herself having ever ordered, examined or tried the product. I find that irresponsible and potentially slanderous.

    If you KNOW something, sharing it can be helpful. When you’re just speculating without doing any research or knowing anything about the matter under discussion, you waste everyone’s time, and potentially damage a good man’s reputation.

    I have no dog in this fight, no connection to this offer whatsoever; this is just my observation. Now, onward toward some FACTS, so I can decide from evidence instead of guesswork.

    • Actually the author of this article is correct..The scam does tell folks to ask for half dollars. And you sound like someone who works for him. Retirement Millionaire isn’t even written by someone named Eifrig..It’s written by Christopher Everson..and to hear from folks who fell for his scam..he just sells you a bunch of long outdated information full of broken links. Total scam.

      • Yes you do ask any bank for half dollars, go tru them and save any pre71 coins. I have done this for at least 10 yrs. Have found many silver coins.

      • Most of you are acting and sounding like morons. I do write the newsletter and have a 4 month full money back guarantee. That means you can try the newsletter, get the 5 words we hype in the promotional copy, and many other reports. I have a published track record, I’m published in the medical literature and there isn’t any scam. And I agree that the words on this blog border on slander. And the idea that you can’t get your money back is both absurd and a lie. We’d be out of business and the FTC would have stopped us long before now.

        So please don’t make up stories and claims that just aren’t true.

        David “Doc” Eifrig….
        Editor of Retirement Millionaire, Retirement Trader, and my latest Retirement Income

  3. Anybody who has ordered it and made it work is free to share, I haven’t seen it. So it’s a scam. David is free to respond too. But he can’t and won’t, he prefers people pay him $25 for something he knows won’t work.

  4. Thank you to all that have replied. I was researching this site to make sure it was worth the investment. I choose not to invest for now, unless someone can give me good reason to do so. From what I’ve read, it’s not worth it. I do not have the money to throw away 2 sons in college & not making enough to put the 3rd one through. I would love to have a million & be retired, but I don’t think that will happen. If someone wants to tell me other wise, I welcome it! Bring it on! Carol Vandermeer Clarkston Michigan

  5. I came here after watching the message sent to my email by a trusted source. Wow 30 min. and did not tell me anything. I will say this now the price is up to $39.00. Will not purchase but got from this site all the info I needed. When I was a kid my Mom use to collect Kennedy half dollars. She has since passed away and after reading this …am wondering what ever happened to ALL those half dollars!

  6. This guy is just full of hot air and just doing a snow job on everyone.
    Just another sleazy salesman with NO morals.

  7. I started watching his video and after about five minutes I was rolling my eyes and laughing at the absurdity of it. It’s totally unfathomable to me how people can actually fall for such nonsense!

    Dr. Efing (lol) does indeed have 5 magic words albeit they are certainly not magic. Can we all say; “This is a stick up”, or perhaps better put; “This is a SCAM”. Those who fall for it deserve to be taken and parted with their money.

  8. SCAM! It’s no “secret”…its called coin roll hunting, Google it. Now be prepared to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars and countless hours going thru all the coins only to find a couple silvers if lucky. Then you have to find a bank to take the coin rolls back off you, for this you DO need an account.

  9. No need to pay for his program. HE IS TELLING the truth; just no need to pay him. Kennedy Half Dollars in 1964 were 90% silver and as of 7/17/13 have a silver value of $7.17. Kennedy half dollars between 1965-1970 are 40% silver and have a silver value of $2.93. For a list of coins and their silver content go to Coinflation.com which has a U.S. Silver Coin Melt Value Calculator. The law referenced in Eifrigs pitch is HR 2934; just google it.

  10. I am certain it is about half dollar coins. I’ve been doing it since 1977 with mixed results. 2010 & 2011 were the best years I ever had with a success rate of about 1 silver coin per every three rolls (averaged – sometimes several in one roll but others with none at all). Before and since then it was more like 1 in 12, and most of those were only 40% silver coins. It’s good, clean, nerdy fun but you won;t get rich doing it.

  11. If something sounds too good to be true…. AND TO TOP IT OFF IT’S FREE…. then run the other direction. More than likely you are being scammed. There’s only one way to get rich or be successful and that is with HARD WORK! Everyone is looking to take the easy road. Don’t they know? It’s always a dead end!

  12. Thank you all for your comments. Doesn’t he know that more than half the nation are wired with caffeine and many of us have adult ADD!! If you can’t tell me something critical in 5 minutes or less, I’m tuning out!!! I didn’t even last the 5 minutes so thank you for all your insights.

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