eMusic free $10 trial code


Promotional item for Polaroid mp3 player buyers.

Credit card required. Up to 20 songs.

Buyer beware, judging for what I’ve seen, the mp3 music players (or portable media player, PMP) are not actually made by Polaroid, but outsourced to another company, polaroid is just lending their name brand, since they’ve stopped making cameras. This is merely my observation, please do not quote it as fact or spread it as rumor.

36 thoughts on “eMusic free $10 trial code

  1. when you buy something with a free card in it you should be able to redeem it with out having to sign up for a subscription…. otherwise don’t put it in there. The card should be redeemable with out a subscription, especially when now adays not everyone are using credit cards… It just irritates me to no end…

    • Peggy,I agree with you 100 percent on everything you’ve said. This so called “free $10 card” I cannot use because I don’t own a credit card and don’t want to. So this card goes into the garbage and I’m left with nothing but frustration

      • I have heard this over and over ,but people buy it?I Ems and try talking to Polaroid…no avail..now I get spam from ‘ipka’ talking from other disgruntle customers..does this make sense too anyone?

    • I TRUELY AGREE!! Why would they ask for your credit card info, to redeem something that
      is suppose to be FREE? What if the FREE music download was one of the reasons purchased the music/video mp3 player? I don’t like this… at all

    • because they want to make sure it’s only one per person, and then they will likely charge you after your trial period is up. So if you believe you can’t afford to be charged or bound by eMusic terms, please avoid it. I cannot help you if you don’t know your rights as a consumer.

      People don’t offer free things for nothing 🙂

      • well the sure as hell said it was free and i agree they tell u its free then they turn around and charge u their “fees” and then say you were supposed to call and cancel if u didn’t want the service.bogus and ill be dammed if i give me cc info to some shady company lying to get ur cc #.

  2. bought the player in canada for my son for xmas but cant get the free songs unless im a stinking american???? thats just dumb


  3. I got a “free” $10.00 card with the Polaroid mp3 player I purchased at BIG LOTS, the terms are pretty straight forward, and yes they want a credit card, thats just to bait you in or you are young and uninformed. And who does really read all that lawyer goobly gook, (terms & conditions) that some attorney’s can’t make head or tales of. You can get the free music but, be sure you discontinue the service right after you get your music, don’t wait till the last minute and hang yourself, soley because they take your money at the drop of a hat, but, then they tell you it will take 7 to 10 days to return your money to your credit card, this little ploy is one that really p@#$&s me off.
    The worst part of my purchase is, you literally can’t get thru to tech support at Polaroid, i have called for 2 weeks, several timesI speed dialed for several hours at a time, just to get a more in depth online manual for my player, and they have a CG answer, “if you can’t get a tech by phone, send an E-M for a quicker response. This is also another load of S@#T, and I have sent 10 E-MS, no response, don’t buy any Polaroid products, just giving fair warning. To all, enjoy your tunes, a disatisfied customer.

  4. .. the word free was invented.. precisely the meaning.. you can get it without charges, or free of charges, no replacement its free.. whatever.. the question is why this emusic card said “free” but isn’t free..

  5. Don’t give your email address to eMusic unless you want spam. They have sent 10363 messages since February 2005. I set up an emusic email address and it has gotten 100 messages a month through 2013, most not from eMusic, but spam.

  6. Well this sucks my sons got these mp3 players for christmas and I went to go pick out songs they like and of course ones I approve of. and I don’t have a flipping credit card. I think credit cards are horrible and will never own one. They ruin peoples lives.

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