Danon’s gone downhill since Shark Tank? WUH dead since 2010? Washed up Hollywood all gone?

Did somebody buy him out? Was he really the lying pig they made him out to be?


Stillwater Communications

August 2010 – Present (2 years 5 months)

Stillwater Communications is an independent distributor of new and refurbished networking, data, and storage hardware.
US Lax, Inc.

March 2011 – Present (1 year 10 months) Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Non-profit organization for youth lacrosse programs in Orange County.
Washed Up Hollywood

July 2005 – June 2010 (5 years)

The baddest belts and buckles on the planet! From the Cover of Vibe Magazine, to the stage of American Idol, to ABC’s Shark Tank, Washed Up Hollywood belts appeared in media everywhere and in over 300 stores in 14 countries.
Gemini Media

May 2001 – May 2005 (4 years 1 month)

Gemini Media was a full service website design and graphic art company.

PinkMeth removal policy

I have no relation to them, but I posted it as a record for the public view, in case the change it in any way, if this is a violation of copyright or anything like that, please let me know so I can remove this (Irony) WordPress automatically makes http:// urls clickable, I don’t know how to undo it.

Removal Policy

All Pink Meth entries are submitted anonymously by guests. Pursuant to Pink Meth’s legal and privacy policies, we will only review and process entry removal requests in limited circumstances, and only if removal requests are accompanied by valid supporting documentation, including a sworn statement from the subject of the profile.

Pink Meth offers two options for requesting removal of an entry:
Law-and-Order Style

If an entry violates any state or federal law, please submit the following supporting documentation along with your request for removal: if the subject of an Pink Meth entry is under the age of 18, a copy of a driver’s license, or valid photo identification along with a copy of a birth certificate; if the images are copyright protected, a Certificate of Registration or a notarized affidavit from the copyright owner AND the subject in the images; and if the images were stolen, a legal cease & desist letter, a police report describing the theft and personal property stolen, along with a statement describing why the entry or its contents are illegal. Entry removal requests that are submitted without the appropriate documentation, or requesting the removal of entries not in violation of any state or federal law will NOT be reviewed or removed.

In order to request entry removal properly, please follow these steps:
1) Go to http://pinkmeth.so/support/.

2) Select “Theft of Private Property” or “Underage” in the category drop-down list.

3) Upload required documents/images to a file hosting site such as http://rapidshare.com/.

4) You may also add any additional information in the message field.

Word-to-the-Wise Style (AKA teach other tricks how to lock down their dirty flicks)

Click the link below to submit a story containing 500-2000 words explaining how your personal information and images got leaked, and teach a hooch to cover her cooch so she doesn’t have to explain to her co-workers or sorority sisters why her “intimate moment with the love of her life” (or drunken one-night-stand) is now making strangers around the world reach for the lotion and kleenex. Pink Meth loves slutty smart chicks, so share your story, along with a few solid tips on how you can let your freak flag fly while keeping your naughty side on the sly, and your profile will be removed (plus, you get that warm, fuzzy feeling that only comes from schooling bitches or a great orgasm).


Abstract Development Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

Abstract Development does not want to know the deep, dark secrets of you or your kith and kin. Please keep those to yourselves. We also do not want to intrude on your family dinner or even your virtual inbox with pleas to buy this or that candidate for political office. We respect your privacy much more than the denizens of Congress and the White House.

On the other hand, we have no such wishes of privacy for our company. We would rather that you did not treat our products and services like deep, dark secrets. Instead, we would appreciate some gossip and whispering about us because we know that, with such blabbing, comes curiosity, with curiosity comes discovery and with discovery comes sales.

Our policy with respect to privacy is, then, that we will respect your privacy if you will disrespect ours. We will, ourselves, only use your information for the purpose for which you divulged it to us. When we hand you over to some other organization, we will only retain the information we needed to make that connection. In most cases, though, we will not be collecting information on our side and we will have to refer you to the privacy policies of companies like Amazon and Apple. We cannot vouch for them, but they have a good reputation.

In return, we ask that you not be shy about your experience on our site. We will not mind. Promise!

CARL PETER KLAPPER fallacies of atheism, resume and book


61 Fairview Avenue, Edison, NJ 08817

Economist » Software Development » Strategic Planning

Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, M.S., Mathematics (Applied Logic).
Grinnell College, Grinnell, IA, B.A.., and Mathematics (minor: Economics).
C. P. Klapper, Sonnets for the Spanish, 2008
C. P. Klapper, The Washington Poems, 1985(1st ed.), 2008(3rd ed.)
Carl Eichenlaub, Bruce Esrig, James Hook, Carl Klapper, Garrel Pottinger: The Romulus Proof Checker. CADE
1990: 651-652
Peter B. Andrews, Frank Pfenning, Sunil Issar, C. P. Klapper: The TPS Theorem Proving System. CADE 1986:

Did facebook delete or block certain accounts this week?

Ok, I’m lost, is facebook censoring dissidents or spying on them? Can’t be both!

Kurt Nimmo (account suspended)
Aaron Dykes (account inactive)
Amber Lyon (account suspended)
Brandon J. Raub (account inactive)
Michael F Rivero (account inactive)
Anthony J Hilder (account inactive)
William Lewis (account inactive)
Richard Gage (account inactive)
William Rodriguez (account inactive)
Infowar Artist (account inactive)
We are Change (account inactive)
Wacboston At Twitter (account inactive)
Michael Murphy Tmp (account inactive)
Robert M Bowman (account inactive)
Peter Dale Scott (account inactive)
Jason Infowars (account inactive)
Mike Skuthan (account inactive)
Packy Savvenas (account inactive)
Sean Wright (account inactive)
Katherine Albrect (account inactive)

Shark Tank Quack : Dr. Geoffrey Broderick and his daughter, Kristina Broderick, how offensive to say “pets are his children” when he claims his products can prevent cancer

He didn’t say he can cure cancer, he says he can PREVENT it (he didn’t specifically say it can prevent it in humans…wait, he did!)

So yeah, why DOESN’T he get money from people to save people? This is not a miracle, but a patentable drug and must be provable if he can make such an outrageous, outlandish and offensive claim.

Chill Soda seen on Shark Tank, another low sugar low glycemic “no sugar” hustle (I am THIS close to calling it a scam)

I’m frankly SICK of people hustling “sugar alternatives” when they KNOW there are only 2 (technically ONE) alternative to sugar. It is either artificial sweetener, or sugar in other forms. Whether you are talking about corn syrup, honey or agave nectar, they are ALL SUGAR IF THEY ARE NATURAL, PERIOD.

Sugar is sugar, nothing is sweeter than sugar but healthier.

HFCS is not as worse than refined sugar. Cane sugar is not especially bad or better. Whatever natural syrup, or honey, CONTAIN SUGAR TO BE SWEET, THEY ARE NOT ‘SUGAR FREE’. If you want to be an idiot and think you ca drink sweets guilt free, just take your Diet sodas, it’s about as healthy if you have to have it.

Legal Grind destroyed on Shark Tank, gotta be kidding!

I thought at first they were trying too hard to be bad theatre, with sarcasm and dry humor, it’s not, they’re actually idiots when it comes to both business and theater presentation.

They claim they have 100 or so franchise requests, but they “don’t know what to do with them”? What? They’ve done this for 17 years and don’t know how to franchise? They can’t even sell a license to their trademark for $10,000 a pop?

Mind you, they live in Los Angeles! The 2nd or 3rd biggest legal market in the country (behind NYC or SF or both)

Annie was desperate to show their “value”. The sharks are right, either do legal services and offer free coffee, do it all online. Why charge for coffee?

Nicole Jones, ghetto girl shoe saleswoman, bringing shoe sale parties to your home (MLM?) Pillars of Slippers

A party costs $300 to throw, which is fine, but brings in only $400 net profits. Not bad for a day, but the problem is, she’s supposedly the best saleswoman, nobody else can do it. mobile shopping experience is fun, but if products can be mobile, stores would’ve never been anchored down, there’s a reason people have storefronts : VOLUME, VARIETY, SIZES, EFFICIENCY, STABILITY.

Shark Tank patterns and categories

What they like :
New inventions, proprietary patents, trademarked stuff. License-able for mass distribution. Home businesses that just need to automate.

What they don’t like :
Clothing, food, ego, overpriced franchises, pseudoscience, unproven sales, locally limited items, rainbow varieties, one man shows, empty trademarks.

Mod Mom furniture


Kiersten is amazing! She’s able to build furniture (specifically, toy boxes) with her own 2 hands from her own home in Los Angeles.

The problem I saw with her was, why is it all or nothing? All being using an Amish maker, and nothing being staying home and doing it all herself?

Why did she not propose a half way solution? (or as you hear in Breaking Bad, half measure). How about hire a bunch of minimum wage Mexican minions in Los Angeles?

She makes a $400 chest spending 10 hours, which she says “costs” her about $150 including time, meaning she is valuing her labor and time at about $10 an hour (I assumed materials cost only $50). The point is, she makes at the end of the day $30 an hour (let’s assume she makes $300 profit after costs are reduced). So WHY NOT hire a bunch of minimum wage people for $10 an hour and keep the remaining $20 an hour to herself?

Shark Tank Idiot Bob Kroupa of New Era brands, clip in Go, Lenz, plastic clip on cases, $2Million blown


He’s an OK inventor, but an idiot businessman. “Overhead was ridiculous”, yeah, he didn’t even pay himself.

Paying somebody $60,000 to run overhead? $800,000 in sales and netting $240,000 is not bad, IF HE KEPT SOME OF IT.

By the way, as with anything that clips, velcros, or buttons, CONVENIENCE ALWAYS WORKS AGAINST SECURITY.

Whether you’re talking about the partie poche, one sole shoe, or the Lenz case, if it’s easy to open, why didn’t anybody else think of it? Because it’s too easy to lose and break!

Worst products on Shark Tank Don’ts 101 for fundraising

1. Partie Poche (leg garter pouch)

2. Esso Watches (power balance style con)

3. Ecomower
Self righteous “Eco” attitude (he had to be staging it for fun, nobody can be that stupid)

4. Samson Martin Maternity t-shirts
Ok, she actually made over a million dollars, but has no promise to deliver, no discussion of profit margins

5. Caddyswag (golf bag cooler for beverage)
WOW, shameless, no tact. Just like Ecomower, they ended up being insulting to people who didn’t buy their product. They KNEW that most golf courses won’t like people sneaking their own beverages, they KNOW that for those that allow, their product is not unique. Desperation is laughable, and sad.

More to come. Shamelessness and dishonesty are sad traits.

Samson Martin, failed maternity t-shirt company on Shark Tank “Due In” as a trademark, LMAO

Don’t get me wrong, making a million in your basement is impressive, but why not leave this to the professionals? Print on demand! Kevin is right, t-shirt deal from Hell (worse than t-shirt hell).

When it comes to garments, variety kills. Brands don’t need variety, but women obvious don’t think about money. While she may own failing business, it was NOT nice for Kevin to beat her up after she said “thank you”. What’s wrong with being polite and saying “thank you”? Was she supposed to say “fuck you” on the way out?

Yeah, I’m very predictable with what I watch and blog, so watch things with me, and see if you can beat me to it next time!

Esso watch placebo band power balance scam seen on Shark Tank, SHAME, liar, SEO specialist

WOW. Somebody has balls, to show the retarded BALANCE test on TV, Mark Cuban was right slap him.

The guy didn’t know what to say when asked tough questions. Good for Shark Tank producers to drag out a loser to beat, otherwise I’d have been VERY disappointed.

Daymond John called out the liar for claiming he designed the watches. Clearly this guy didn’t do his research on lying.

Sorry Ryan, I bet you even lied about the search engine results part, because if you actually had those results, I WOULD HAVE KNOWN ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT. I spent half of last year digging out Power Balance copycats, I never heard of your product, I post everything I find on my blog. You managed to sneak up my radar, BIG ASS FAIL.

See the clip yourself!


You want a cool Placebo Band? Go get one from Placebobandstore.com

Bill White’s latest letter to Alex Linder December 2012, donation form to Poisoned Pen Publishing fundraiser via American Free Press


William A White #13888-084
Federal Correctional Institution – Loretto
PO Box 1000
Loretto, PA 15940


POISONED PEN PUBLISHING • P.O. Box 2770, Stafford, VA 22555